How NetAbstraction is Used

NetAbstraction is the foundation for smart enterprise privacy. By transparently distributing the communications within and across multiple clouds and regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure, NetAbstraction effectively hides your enterprise’s network.

The dynamic shifting of communications across multiple commercial providers and use of multi-hop transport makes actual user information, origin location, and identities a very difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies, or other privacy threats.

Next Generation VPNs

Establish disguised, low profile, non-traceable VPNs to protect communications between your agents, affiliates and data centers; provides non-apparent network connectivity to enable cyber activities.

NetAbstraction replaces or supplements burdensome and costly technologies like private MPLS and dedicated leased lines. By using commercial cloud providers as a transport and our ultra-secure/private overlay network, we can pass along tremendous cost-savings associated with using the Internet while providing a highly resilient communications channel.


  • Carrier grade performance through our patented SDN implementation
  • Disguise and Protect network connections, communications, and data flow between people, facilitates, services, the Internet, and the Cloud
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Enable cyber threat mitigation and analysis activities
  • Red Teaming and Penetration Testing
  • Open Source Intelligence Collection (OSINT) and research
  • Cyber operations/activities (offensive and defensive)
  • Data “geo-fencing” to meet geographic data restrictions and requirements

Isolated Protected Hosting

Establish protected, alternate affiliated enclaves in the cloud or across multiple clouds to secure data and host applications in a disguised fashion.

Today’s technology landscape requires you to use the cloud, but until now the cloud has been relatively insecure. With NetAbstraction, you can feel safe leveraging Amazon and other cloud services, without the fear and uncertainty of having those services in your name. We have the ability to stand up a protected enclave unaffiliated with you inside whichever program you need to use - reducing your cyber threat vector.


  • Get isolated, non-apparent connectivity to camouflage and control access to your protected hosting sites
  • Bridges communications across cloud providers that normally wouldn’t allow it for enterprises who have fractured or fragmented infrastructures, using multiple cloud providers (for example, enables Azure and AWS to communicate with one another)

Crisis Communications

Stay connected and communicate out-of-band with non-affiliated, resilient network capabilities in the event of a cyber incident, natural disaster or catastrophic event.

NetAbstraction works when other systems fail. Enterprise level cyber-attacks continue to increase dramatically and natural disasters can happen at any time. Be prepared to respond and quickly recover critical business functions and communicate securely during crisis events.


  • Leverage T1 service provider “first responder networks” to provide priority access and highly resilient communications
  • Discreet acquisition of IT infrastructure and services
  • Equipment and procurement support
  • Provision and scale user groups seamlessly
  • Supports capabilities like: email, chat, text, file share, internal apps, voice and more.

Built in response to regulations from the Federal Reserve that all Financial Institutions over $50 Billion in assets must be able to restore communications capabilities within 2 hours of a cyber incident, natural disaster or catastrophic event.


Identity Protected Internet Access

Operate on the public Internet without leaving a traceable footprint; conduct research discreetly and enable Internet activities without attribution to you.

NetAbstraction protects your identity so that you can use the Internet without it being traced back to you and your business. Establish protected, alternate affiliated enclaves in the cloud or across multiple clouds to host data and applications without being seen. NetAbstraction provides isolated, non-apparent connectivity to camouflage and control access to your protected hosting sites.

Follow the Money (AML & Fraud team research & due-diligence)
Open-sourced intelligence collection (OSINT)


  • Malware Protected Browsing using one-time Virtual Machines
  • Isolated Virtual Desktop Solutions to protect your identity and location while working
  • Custom user-defined interfaces
  • Open Source Intelligence Collection and research
  • Anonymously monitor social media sites and updates in real time
  • Conduct “follow-the-money” operations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Managed attribution activities with the ability to manage and dictate what your online persona looks like
  • Capture and archive financial information
  • Investigate, track and conduct operations to combat Internet crimes against children
  • Protects communications between agents, affiliates, and data centers, and prevents websites from filtering or denying content based on identified IP addresses.