Network Privacy as a Service

Stop attacks before they happen by proactively hiding your entire network and all of your traffic - local and wide, cloud and distributed - from anyone who is looking for it. NetAbstaction camouflages your network by provide clean and distributed Internet entry points and varying traffic so that you can’t be identified.

The “build a bigger fortress, dig a deeper moat” model doesn’t work. In today’s environment, your network cannot be a fixed target. Network communications need to be temporary, dynamically shifting, and layered with additional protections to keep your network safe from threats that are increasingly more common and sophisticated.


Why NetAbstraction

Anyone who uses the internet directly exposes their IP address, location, and network identity. Any external connection that your company has is a potential source of attack on your data and your systems. Even more problematic, typical networks are fixed, static, and easily located. If you notice a breach, you’ve already lost the battle. Your adversaries have found your network; they know who you are and where you are.

NetAbstraction fills a gap that other security vendors cannot. Beyond providing security measures to protect your customer data, NetAbstraction also provides an in-line privacy layer for your internal network. By leveraging commercial cloud providers, NetAbstraction has the ability to dynamically shift your network pathways, hiding your Internet activity in plain site.

The reality of VPNs today is that they aren’t as efficient or cost-effective as today’s cyber security landscape requires them to be, and their fixed, static locations make you a target. The billing trail that leads to your name on a VPN is something that your adversaries are looking for. NetAbstraction protects and hides how your services are acquired, ensuring that your name never appears on a commercial provider’s database.


How it works

  • Disguises network communications pathway
  • Dynamically shifts activity without affecting ongoing communications
  • Protects subscriber information held in commercial provider’s databases – which expose who you are
  • Increases layers of security in the network to augment security protections of traditional commercial service providers
  • Leverages agility within cloud technology with the ability to quickly stand up and bring down resources

NetAbstraction transparently distributes the communications within and across multiple clouds and regularly churns the underlying network infrastructure. The dynamic shifting of communications across multiple commercial providers and use of multi-hop transport makes actual user information, origin location, and identities a very difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies, or other privacy threats.


performance Performance – Operate at carrier class speeds and improve performance. NetAbstraction allows real-time access to audio, video, text, graphics, large file uploads and downloads in all formats.

agility Agility – Dynamically shift network pathways, on the fly, in real-time, without interrupting or degrading your communications.

Security Security – Stay “hidden” within the commercial provider infrastructure using our patented SDN technology.

Privacy Privacy / Identity Management – We use intermediaries (cutouts or surrogates) to acquire the commercial infrastructure used to implement your network. We also regularly rotate and exchange the infrastructure that we use to establish our network. This means that it is extremely difficult for anyone to trace the operational path of your network connections or associate users.

Ease Ease of implementation  – Seamlessly integrate NetAbstraction with your existing infrastructure and networks with a software-based implementation. It doesn’t require you to purchase hardware or work through complex re-configuration of existing resources, and no specialized circuit-by-circuit basis - minimizing disruption of your ongoing operations.