Our Experienced and Talented Team

Cutting Edge CA is an Internet and cyber security firm that protects customer identities and systems by intelligently selecting and obscuring global network pathways into the core of the Internet. Our services lower your organization’s systems “visibility” as a target on the Internet and other commercial provider databases. Our management comes from backgrounds rooted in the federal government, enabling capabilities to support a number of critical Intelligence Community missions.

With substantial experience designing, creating, and implementing non-traditional, non-attributable, telecommunications networks, we have a deep understanding of the current state of the art technologies.

As innovators, we are providing the next generation of privacy and identity protection capabilities while understanding, first hand, the challenges you face when meeting today’s cyber and privacy needs. We have been recognized multiple times for our innovation and were recently part of the 2017 Fintech Innovation Lab - a selective cohort of technology companies groomed for growth in the financial services industry.

  • Barbara M. Hunt Founder & Chief Executive Officer "I built the first telecommunications capabilities that allowed CIA officers to protect their identities when conducting operations on a global basis. I built the first obfuscated network and then provided the ability for officers to make calls anywhere in the world and look as if they were who and where they said they were. I also built multiple networks for offensive cyber operations for multiple commercial and USG organizations that are still in use today."