NetAbstraction Overview

NetAbstraction is a cloud-based service that obscures and varies network pathways, while protecting customer identities and systems. NetAbstraction’s patent pending design provides secure, varied, and non-apparent network connectivity, a range of identity management and persona attribution options to alter or reduce the cyber attack profile; and system designs to help control customer information held within commercial cloud provider databases. In addition, NetAbstraction will augment the multi-layered security capabilities provided by the commercial cloud providers, to include implementing dynamic security policies to help ensure that malicious traffic is not allowed to enter the network.

NetAbstraction transparently distributes the communications activity within and across multiple clouds and regularly churns the underlying network infrastructure. The dynamic shifting of communications across multiple commercial providers and use of multi-hop transport makes actual user information and origination location and identities a very difficult target for hackers, search engine optimization companies or other privacy threats.

NetAbstraction allows users to create dedicated networks within the NetAbstraction service infrastructure. NetAbstraction’s capabilities and solutions include:

  • Internet identity protection – NetAbstraction provides a range of identity management and persona attribution options to alter or reduce your cyber profile.
  • Secure virtual private networks – NetAbstraction establishes secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and identity-protected access.
  • Distributed communications – NetAbstraction distributes customers’ communications activity and data storage across multiple networks.
  • Dynamic routing across multiple clouds – NetAbstraction works dynamically within and across multiple clouds simultaneously.
  • Enhanced security protections – NetAbstraction’s design provides multiple layers of security protections to defend against a variety of threats including malicious software, users, and organizations.

NetAbstraction can be used to conduct privacy protected internet browsing, implement secure virtual private networks between either individuals or facilities, or establish protected enclaves between customer data centers and commercial clouds. NetAbstraction provides a range of identity (persona) options, choice of globally distributed egress nodes (east coast US, west coast US, Europe, South America, Asia), and control over information held within commercial providers’ databases.

While NetAbstraction provides anonymization of a user’s Internet activities, it is not recognized by websites as a proxy. (Websites routinely filter for the use of proxies and prohibit anyone using a proxy from access to their sites.) NetAbstraction controls the network routing through its network to abstract user’s location and identity via its patent pending design.

The NetAbstraction service is only available to organizational users, not private individuals. All organizational accounts will be registered, validated, and initiated through Cutting Edge. Users will be given a choice of:

  • Using the standard NetAbstraction shared service, which includes:
    • Variable dynamic path between our cloud providers
    • Selection from our end node access points.
  • Establishment of dedicated network elements; which includes:
    • Dedicated end node identity/identities reached via the shared service
    • Exclusive end-to-end networks for data communications that can be implemented with a variety of options.

While NetAbstraction maintains logs on the time of log in, egress node accessed, and the amount of bandwidth used, the system was designed to not be able to track a customer’s Internet activities.

Read our NetAbstraction Data Sheet for more information!