Crisis Communications Support

NetAssured Crisis Communications Network


Your enterprise must communicate to support critical business functions – How will you stay connected in the event of  a cyber incident, natural disaster or catastrophic event?

Enterprise level cyber-attacks continue to increase dramatically and natural disaster can happen at any time.  In today’s fast-paced, connected environment, it is essential for executives and business units to be prepared to respond and quickly recover critical business functions. Beyond protecting their systems, business executives must communicate securely as they investigate, remediate and continue operations during cyber incidents, natural disasters or other unexpected business disruptions.

Cutting Edge CA’s NetAssured solution offers unique and patented methods for protecting your systems and helping you stay connected in the event of a cyber incident, major catastrophe or natural disaster.

NetAssured Solution

When your organization’s network and systems are affected during a cyber incident, major catastrophe or natural disaster it is essential to move critical communications away from your compromised infrastructure and services to continue operations. Our customers have looked to us to outsource the administrative complexity of acquiring and managing their emergency communications and to ensure they are properly maintained. NetAssured safeguards your organization’s communications with access to our resilient emergency communications network. Specific capabilities include:

  • Acquisition of IT Infrastructure & Services
    • Discreet acquisition of domestic and global IT Infrastructure and services to include: Virtual Private Servers, Bandwidth, Cloud Hosting, Phone Services, Email, Text, Chat and File Sharing.
  • Access Management & Mobile Support
    • Ensure your key personnel have access to uncompromised communications capabilities. Support for multiple connection methods to include mobile devices.
  • Equipment & Procurement Support
    • Equipment and procurement support to meet customer requirements. We can assist your organization with any procurement actions to provide you with resilient capabilities on an end-to-end basis.
  • Identity Protected Communications
    • NetAssured utilizes our patented NetAbstraction service to obscure and vary your organization’s network. We disguise and protect your identity, location, and provide additional security protections so you can communicate with confidence.


Read our NetAssured Crisis Communications Network Data Sheet for more information!