Operating on the Internet creates a cyber threat to those who may want to conduct discrete market research, business intelligence collection, or establish private or privileged client communications channels. The simplest online activity leaves a “footprint”. Anyone using the Internet “unprotected” exposes their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and network identities, making high interest users such as banks and national infrastructure providers, a potential target.

A number of IP address blocking or IP address substitution techniques (all of which are proxy services) have been developed but they tend to be cumbersome to use and are often disruptive to normal business activities due to fraud profiling efforts that are trying to prevent non-identifiable people that are using a proxy service from accessing a company’s goods and services. Along with fraud profiling techniques, major search engine optimization companies do a very good job at geo-locating a user based on their activity on the Internet. Many of the existing non-attribution systems don’t address geo-location footprint, use patterns, or habits.

We offer several solutions that address these issues and more.


Netabstraction is our premier privacy service, which anonymizes and protects your company's identity, geo-location, and systems by implementing unique, software defined, secure virtual private networks within and across commercial clouds. NetAbstraction provides you with a low profile, alternate IP address identity for accessing the Internet; secure isolated connectivity for privacy protected communications; non-affiliated protected hosting; and a dynamically shifting network with multi-layers of security so you are not a static target.

Cyber Threat Analysis & Mitigation

We provide complete turnkey cyber threat analysis. We instrument your existing network with leading and innovative cyber forensics and analysis tools to identify malicious cyber activities and vulnerabilities that may be present in your network. We conduct remediation and leave cyber forensics tools in place for up to 90 days to ensure that the malicious activities have been eliminated.

Network Vulnerability Analysis & Mitigation

We work with your IT staff to identify vulnerabilities in your existing network connections and recommend mitigations. We provide complete turnkey implementation of new cyber protective capabilities as well as regular ongoing cyber threat evaluations for your network.